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Doctoral Workshop 2021

Industrial Systems Engineering and Operations Management - SSD ING-IND/17

Online @ Università degli Studi del Sannio, Benevento

June, 24th – 25th 2021




The Doctoral workshop PhD on the go Marco Garetti brings together PhD students to present their in-progress activities and receive constructive feedbacks from industry experts and colleagues. Since its beginning, The PhD on the go aims to stimulate and encourage exchanges and collaborations between Ph.D. Students at all levels and in any stage their Doctoral Projects. During these two days spent with all others Ph.D., the participants will have the chance to present their research projects. This exchange will allow them to receive potential feedbacks and suggestions both from senior researchers, with role of groups’ Tutors, and from the other Ph.D. who attended their presentations.

The PhD students at their first stage of the Ph.D. Course will describe the basic problem fronted and how they think to conduct their research, along with the methodology and the potential results that may be obtained. For the first and second year PhDs, the presentation needs to be focused on explaining their first results, the innovations obtained. For those ones at the third year, the presentation will be focused on the potential future development(s) of their research streams.



  • Design and management of production systems

Analysis and sustainable design of goods and services production systems; Warehouse design; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Environmental Responsible Management; Product Lifecycle Management; Design for Manufacturing / Assembly / Recycling; Waste Management

  • Production and Logistics in the Industry 4.0 era

This track includes all possible projects on emerging technologies for Production / Logistic Management. Relevant topics may include: Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Man-Machine interaction; Workforce Scheduling; Digital Technologies for production; Data Analytics; Virtual and Augmented Reality; Smart districts and Smart Grids.

  • Service Engineering

Topics may include: Service-oriented systems and processes; Industrial Maintenance; Reliability and Asset management; Quality, Environmental management; Operations management; Education in industrial and systems engineering.

  • Workplace Safety and Health

Topics may include: Uncertainty and risk management in industrial system engineering; Occupational Safety and Health Management; Safety Risks in Industry 4.0 for human-robot interaction, Hazard exposure reduction; Ageing workforce management in manufacturing Systems.


Deadline for Project Abstract: April, 30thMay, 26th 2021 

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JUNE 24th 2021

 Schedule 0


JUNE 25th 2021

  Schedule 2


Occupational Safety in Confined Spaces and in Ergonomics: Tools and actions for Prevention

Professor Cristina Mora,  Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Department of Industrial Engineering



Statistics on accidents reveal that many workers are injured and killed each year while working in confined spaces. Furthermore, one of the most common and expensive occupational diseases is represented by work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs), with high effects on workers' safety and costs of companies and society. 

In this context, solutions and tools for the prevention of these risks are necessary. In the last years, the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Bologna has developed some procedures and tools for widespread prevention culture and reduce occupational risk in confined spaces and ergonomics, such as the "Banca delle Soluzioni" and Confined Space App (CSA). The first one is a database of technical solutions to avoid the man-entry into confined spaces and eliminate or facilitate the manual handling of loads. The second one is a digital tool for mobile devices, which aims to increase worker's awareness about the risks of working in confined spaces, supporting the identification of confined spaces and their related risks before entering a suspected area.

 Working Groups

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